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We welcome engagement and support from the Baraka community and others interested in supporting development in Rural Ghana. When you add a tip to your purchases it goes directly to the fund and you can contribute directly through the Baraka Website. You can contribute directly here. 100% of all contributions goes directly to projects. Baraka covers 100% of admin and overhead costs. Email us and let us know if you are interested in knowing more about how you can help. Please let us know any thoughts you have on the Fund and, especially, any way that you are interested in becoming involved

Sorizu Alfred Zinbankaara Memorial Fund

Learn all about the Sorizu Alfred Zinbankaara and the Memorial Fund for Education and Development which will support women, families, and development in rural Ghana.

History and Background

Sorizu Alfred Zinbankaara had a lifelong commitment to supporting women, children and development in rural Ghana, where he was born. He worked closely with Baraka Shea Butter and its local partner in Ghana to develop and implement programs that made a difference; including especially to support girl-child education.

Prior Projects

Over the past twelve years a number of discrete development projects were undertaken, many with active support from key partners and customers of Baraka Supplies.

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